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Information Provided by JBL Pro: "Spanning a complete range of surface-mount (on-wall), in-ceiling and in-wall models, the variety of solutions offered by the Control Contractor Series give you complete mastery of any architectural, aesthetic or system performance requirement. JBL engineers have made the art of science of loudspeaker specification and installation easy to manage. Simply select the JBL Control Contractor loudspeaker appropriate for the architectural, form factor and sonic requirements. The resulting sound system will always deliver on its promise of Performance, Reliability and Value". Installs and programs the sound system to optimise the speakers and amplifier performance at any volume. We tell the system how much base should be heard when music is playing. We also program the sound system for sporting events. We provide the technology of today in our sound solution. With today's digital signal processing you turn a knob and the system will perform with incredible sound control that has been pre programmed by us.

Commercial Sound System Install

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Commercial Sound Install

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