Professional Sound System Installed

Sound system installed rocky river ohio

Professioanl Sound system installation in Rocky River OH.

Professional Sound System Requirements:

  1. Build the Most Powerful Professional Sound System Available
  2. Make Audio System Natural Sounding even at the highest sound pressure levels
  3. Build the professional sound system to withstand the extreme weather conditions of lake Erie
  4. I was to use the owners Lamborghini and Bentley as the Benchmark for Performance and Luxury in building the Professional Sound System
  5. When designing this Professional Sound system I was told to think of $10,000.00 dollars as 100.00 dollars
  6. Do not build a common Audio system make it an exceptional sound system
  7. I was told "I have trusted you in building Audio systems for my company's for over ten years. Build this one for me and make it the most powerful Audio system in Ohio.
  8. The Professional Sound system must Contain NO Steel Components
  9. Stainless Steel only
  10. Enclose the Speakers of the Audio system in stainless steel boxes
  11. I was given one year to work with JBL and desighn the speaker. It took 4 months to install this professional sound system. Working with other contractors building the deck over Lake Erie.
  12. Professional Sosund System Installed

Equipment used in building a Professional Sound System

Fun facts - It take 120 AMPs of power to feed this sound system at max power.

Professional Sound System installed patio


Professional Speaker Enclosure

pro sound system

Sound system installed

Sound system installed lake erie

The music is playing and Im enjoying the view.

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Commercial Sound Install

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