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Powered Speaker rental from 100 watts to 2000 watts. Yamaha Powered Speaker rental, Yorkville Powered Speaker Rental, and JBL Powered Speaker Rental.

Powered speaker rental cleveland ohio

Yamaha Speaker Rental

Yamaha Powered speaker rentals have a built in mixer. Yamaha speakers have a built in 1000 watt amplifiers. They will fit in most cars and weigh between 32 and 50 lbs

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Speaker Rental Policies

Our Speaker rentals are on a first come first serve basis. You have the option of paying for a speaker rental to guarantee your reservation. If you should cancel you will be billed 50% of the rental cost.

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JBL Speaker Rental

A JBL Speaker rental is also available. The Speakers have XLR inputs on the back to easily connect a DJ Controller. OhioSound.com rents EON and PRX series speakers please call for availability.

Subwoofer Rental

A powered subwoofer adds warmth and energy to you music depending on volume. Add a powered subwoofer to improve the dynamics of your sound system and increase the energy.

Yorkville Speaker Rental

Who is Yorkville? If you ever sat in an IMAX theater then you know the quality of Yorkville. Yorkville builds the IMAX Speakers and amplifiers. As the owner of Ohio sound I personally use Yorkville on my events. I use the ELITE 500 Speakers and the LS801 Subwoofers. At full volume the speakers can be heard 2 miles away. So if you are out doors please note. This combination has been used at OHIO Bike week in Sandusky Ohio. If you want power this is the combination of Power and Excellence.

Projector Rental

Projector Rentals are based on a first come first serve. To guarantee Your Projector rental 50% down is required and is not refundable.

Video Tutorial on Rental Speaker setup

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Party Speaker Rental Iphone and Android Connection

Party Speaker rental weekend rental 98.00 includes speaker stands and connecting cables.

Projector Rental

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Sound Reinforcement speaker rental

Large Venue sound system rental includes 2 elite speakers 1 elite subwoofer and 2 speaker stands $285.00. Rental 3 days Friday - Monday

Serato Dj Controller Rental $35.00 Call

Powered Speaker Rental Pricing Table

Onsite Setup Starting  $85.00

Yamaha JBL and Yorkville Powered Speaker Rental Price
1 Yamaha 700 watt powered speaker rental 10 in $40.00 each
2 . Yamaha 1000 watt powered Speaker Rental 12 in $45.00 each
3 Yamaha 1000 watt powered Speaker Rental 15 in $55.00 each
2 . JBL PRX 1000 watt powered Speaker Rental 12 in $50.00 ea
2 . JBL PRX 1000 watt powered Speaker Rental 15 in $55.00 ea

 Yamaha DXS 12 MK2 Subwoofer Rental $65.00

Medium and High Powered Speakers

Yamaha DXR and Yorkville Elite Speaker Rental Price
1 Yamaha DXR 1100 watt 12 inch Powered Speaker rental $55.00
2 Yorkville Elite 1800 watt 15 in Powered Speaker Rental $75.00
3 Yorkville Elite 2500 watt Powered Subwoofer  Rental $95.00 18 inch
4 Yorkville Paraline Parasource 1800 watt powered Subwoofer rental $75.00 12 inch
4 Yorkville Elite 600 watt Powered Sub woofer Rental $45.00 a great add on to all speaker rentals. 10 inch
  • If You don't see a sound system or speaker you want call us.

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